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The location of our buildings and headquarters in Lisbon

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    +(351) 936 666 600


    Administrative Services
    Av. Sidónio Pais, 2 – 2.º Dt. C – 1050-214 Lisboa

    Our buildings

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    1. Liberdade
    Rua Mouzinho da Silveira, 34 – 1250-167 Lisboa

    2. Baixa Chiado
    Rua da Assunção, 88 – 1100-045 Lisboa

    3. Palácio Camões
    Largo do Calhariz, 16-A – 1200-086 Lisboa

    4. Castelo de S. Jorge
    Rua Marquês de Ponte de Lima, 27 – 1100-337 Lisboa

    5. Bairro Alto
    Travessa do Judeu, 7 – 1200-237 Lisboa

    6. Ascensor da Bica
    Rua de São Paulo, 236 – 1200-430 Lisboa

    7. Baixa-Castelo
    Rua dos Fanqueiros, 136 – 1100-232 Lisboa

    8. Parque
    Rua Latino Coelho, 50 – 1050-137 Lisboa

    9. Avenida
    Avenida I – Rua do Telhal, 4 – 1150-346 Lisboa
    Avenida II – Rua do Telhal, 63 – 1150-345 Lisboa


    10. Chiado
    Rua da Emenda, 45 – 1200-169 Lisboa

    11. Mouraria
    Rua São Pedro Mártir, 38 – 1100-558 Lisboa

    12. Madalena
    Rua da Madalena, 36 – 1149-032 Lisboa

    13. Estrela
    Rua de Buenos Aires, 8 – 1249-067 Lisboa

    14. Benformoso
    Rua do Benformoso, 185 – 1100-084 Lisboa

    15. Santos
    Calçada Marques de Abrantes, 24A – 1200-719 Lisboa
    Rua do Merca Tudo, 13 – 1200-267 Lisboa

    16. Príncipe Real
    Rua das Taipas, 12-14 – 1250-266 Lisboa

    17. Campos
    Rua Beneficência, 241 – 1600-019 Lisboa

    18. Ópera (soon)
    Rua Serpa Pinto, 5 – 1200-442 Lisboa

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    These terms and conditions (as amended from time to time) governing use of this website and the agreement established between both parties (the “Terms”).
    These Terms set out the rights and obligations of all users (“you”) on the one hand, and the LISBON Serviced Apartments,  (“Hotel”) on the other hand, for the goods / services offered through this website or any website for which there is a connection (link), hereafter referred to collectively as “services”. Before you press the “Process order” at the end of the booking, please carefully read these Terms and our Privacy Policy Privacy.
    If you do not agree to these Terms or the Privacy Policy in its entirety, should refrain from making any reservation.
    In case of doubt about these Terms or the Privacy Policy, please contact us using our electronic form.

    Freedom Serviced Apartments, S.A., is registered under NIPC 509080944, with offices in Av. Sidónio Pais, 2 – 2.º Dt. C – 1050-214 Lisboa Portugal EU

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    These Terms are the only conditions applicable to the use of this website and prevail over any other terms, except in case of express agreement of the Hotel, prior written. When making a reservation, the user confirms that read out of these Terms, which accepts without reservation. These terms are important for both parties, as to protect the rights of the user, as a client, as well as our rights as a hotel and are intended to establish a legally binding agreement between the parties.

    You agree that:

    Service Availability

    The bookings are made based on management system of Lisbon Serviced Apartments, being duly checked the availability. However the reserve is only enforced after sending the confirmation.

    Formation of Contract

    The information contained in these Terms shall not constitute an offer to sell, but rather an invitation to negotiate. No contract will be established between the Hotel and you until the booking has been accepted by us (regardless of whether it had been made on a debit account). If the reservation is not accepted after it has taken place any debit from your account, the amount will be refunded in full.
    To make a reservation should follow the process of buying online and press the “Process order”. You will receive an email confirming that your reservation was received by the Hotel (the “Reservation Confirmation”). You should be aware that this does not mean that your booking has been accepted. Any reservation is subject to its acceptance, we will confirm by sending an e-mail.
    The contract of sale between Hotel and (Contract) will only will be formed with the Communication from the booking confirmation.
    The Contract will relate only to reservations confirmation. The hotel does not have the obligation to provide any other reserves that may appear until it has the subject of a confirmation.

    Product Availability

    Any reservation is subject to availability, the Hotel reserves the right to inform the user about the availability of alternatives, quality and value at or above which it can confirm. If the user does not have an interest in booking alternative, any sums paid will be reimbursed.

    Refusal Reservation

    The hotel reserves the right at any time withdraw any offer contained in their reservation page. The Hotel shall not be liable to you or any third party, the withdrawal of any offer from this website.

    Rights to Cancel

    You may cancel your reservation under provided conditions appearing in the reservation form and Reservation Confirmation. When listed as “If cancelled up to n days before date of arrival,” the time will be considered 0h00 of arrival date, for example, if the reservation arrive on 5th and the deadline is two days before arrival cancellation without charges must be made until 23:59 on day 2nd.


    Except in cases of obvious error, the price of services will be as indicated in each moment in our website.
    Although the hotel try to ensure that all prices on the website are accurate, errors may occur.
    If the hotel found that the price of a provision in a reserve is wrong, we will inform you as soon as possible, giving you the option of reconfirming the reservation at the correct price or cancelling it.
    If the Hotel is unable to contact the user, the reservation will be treated as cancelled and you will be refunded the price of the reservation, if you have already paid.
    The prices on the website include VAT.
    Prices are subject to change at any time but, except as noted above, this change will not affect reserves for which we have already sent a confirmation.


    Payment can be made by credit card. To minimize the possibility of unauthorized access to your credit card details are encrypted.
    Authorization for payment must be given at the time of booking. Will not be given any debt on your credit card until your reservation has not been confirmed under the conditions of booking.
    When you press “CONFIRM” you are confirming that you’re the cardholder.
    The Hotel reserves the right to request authorization to debit your credit card.
    The charge will be made at the time when it is granted access to the Room / Apartment reserved (key, access card or access code) except where specified in the reserve that is a prepaid fee.
    In prepaid rates the debt will be made upon confirmation of booking.

    Privacy and Security

    The hotel uses Verisign to ensure that payment is made safely. Credit cards are subject to validation checks and authorization by the issuer but if the card issuer does not authorize payment of the Hotel shall not be liable for any delay or failure to make the reservation and can not conclude the contract with the user.
    The customer data and credit card are provided in confidence, being assured that customer data and the means of payment will not be disclosed to third parties other than the entity that will process the authorization and debit the credit card.
    Personal data will be used solely for the purposes of the services requested by the client.

    Value Added Tax

    According to the rules and regulations, all purchases made through this website are subject to the Value Added Tax (VAT).

    Cancellation Policy

    These are contained in each of the charges.
    The reimburse of any amount paid will always be made to the credit card used to purchase the product.

    Liability and Exclusions

    The responsibility of the Hotel for any booking through this website is strictly limited to the purchase price.


    You acknowledge and agree that all copyright, relating to trademarks and other intellectual property rights relating to any material and content supplied as part of this website shall remain at all times vested in the Hotel or its licensors . You are permitted to use this material only as expressly authorized by the Hotel or its licensors. This does not prevent you from using this website to obtain a copy of a book or the terms of the Contract.

    Written Communications

    The laws require that some of the information or communications we send to the hotel you should be in writing. By using this site, you accept that communication between you and the hotel will be mainly electronic. The hotel will contact you by e-mail or provide you with information by posting notices on this website. For contractual purposes, you agree to this means of electronic communication and acknowledge that all contracts, notices, information and other communications that the hotel provide to you electronically satisfy any legal requirement that such communications be in writing.
    This provision shall not affect any rights of the user, resulting directly from the law.


    All notices given by you to the Hotel must be sent via electronic form or e-mail.
    The hotel can communicate with either the e-mail or other electronic medium (SMS) to the address given in the reserve.
    Notice will be deemed received when it is inserted into the website, 24 hours after sending an e-mail. In proving the service of communication, if sent by e-mail, that such e-mail was sent to the e-mail indicated by the user.
    The Hotel is committed to responding to the customer within 48 hours after receipt of a communication.
    You agree to notify any change in contacts.

    Transfer of Rights and Obligations

    The contract between the Hotel and is binding on the parties and their respective successors and assigns.
    You may not transfer, assign or encumber its contractual position, or otherwise dispose of the Contract or any rights or obligations thereunder, without the prior consent of the hotel, given in writing.
    Hotel may transfer, assign or encumber its position to a contract, subcontract or otherwise dispose of the Contract or any rights or obligations of this Agreement at any time during its term. However, no transfer, assignment or encumbrance of such a position or an equivalent provision of the contract, have the effect of limiting the legal rights as a consumer or reduce or limit in any way, any guarantee provided by the user Hotel express or implied.

    Events Outside Our Control Hotel

    The Hotel shall not be liable for failure or delay in performance of any obligations under the Contract that is caused by events outside our reasonable control (“Force Majeure Event”).
    A Force Majeure Event includes any event, act or omission beyond the reasonable control of the Hotel and includes in particular (but not exclusively) the following:

    1. Strikes, lockouts or other industrial action
    2. Civil commotion, riot, invasion, terrorist attack or threat of terrorist attack, war (declared or not) or threat or preparation for war.
    3. Fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, subsidence, epidemic or other natural disaster.
    4. Impossibility of the use of rail, rail, maritime, air, road or other means of public or private transport.
    5. Impossibility of the use of public telecommunications networks or private.
    6. Laws, decrees, regulations or restrictions of any government.
    7. any strikes, interruptions or accidents or services of transport.

    The obligation to comply with the Hotel in any Contract shall be suspended for the duration of a Force Majeure Event and will result in an extension of their duration of that period. The Hotel will make reasonable efforts to end a Force Majeure Event, or to find a solution by which the performance of its contractual obligations despite the existence of a Force Majeure Event.


    If the Hotel at any time during the term of the Contract, declines to insist upon strict performance of any obligation to you is clear from the contract or of these Terms or to exercise any right or power therein to stop the failure, does not constitute a waiver of such rights or remedies and shall not relieve you from fulfilling their obligations.
    The resignation of the Hotel to the exercise of any right or power, before a situation of default shall not mean a waiver of rights or powers in the face of an event of default later.
    The resignation of the Hotel to any claim under the Contract or these Terms will be effective only if contained in a written communication sent to the user in the manner prescribed in clause Communications, where he explicitly states that it no longer.


    The declaration of invalidity, illegality or unenforceability, by authority of any provision of these Terms and Conditions shall not affect any other provisions which shall remain in full force.

    Entire Agreement

    These Terms and any document referred to in them constitute the entire agreement between the parties relating to the formation of a Contract and supersede any prior agreement, understanding or arrangement, if made in writing or orally.
    Both parties acknowledge that by entering into a Contract, neither was their motivation in a statement, commitment or promise made by the other, or it could be considered implied from anything said or written in negotiations between the parties time prior to such Contract except as expressly stated in these Terms.
    Neither party may rely on the fact that the other have produced untrue statement, either orally or in writing, prior to any Contract (unless such statement was made fraudulently) and only remedy is for breach of contract as provided in these Terms.

    Amendment of Terms and Conditions for the Hotel

    The hotel has the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time. You will be subject to the principles and conditions in force at the time of booking, unless the law or authority impose any amendment thereto or to the Privacy Policy (which will apply to reservations made).

    Law and Jurisdiction

    Contracts for the purchase and sale of products through our site are governed by Portuguese Law. Any dispute arising out of or relating to these contracts is subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Portuguese courts. The provisions of this clause does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.


    The Hotel welcomes your comments and opinions of the users. Please send them via our contacts. Any comments (including complaints) can also be mailed to

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