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Nightlife: the best bars and nightclubs in Lisbon

Lisbon’s nightlife is one of the liveliest in Europe. Discover the best bars and nightclubs in Lisbon to go out at night!

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By LSA Editor | Jul 25, 2023


The mild climate of the Portuguese capital and the festive spirit of the Lisboners are certainly factors that make the city’s nightlife one of the most attractive in Europe. In fact, multiple dance bars and various nightclubs in Lisbon provide entertainment throughout the night. With a diverse offer, the city welcomes options that are perfect for various audiences, interests, and musical tastes.

In this article, we present some of the most popular venues for dancing, socializing, or listening to music — from electronic to pop, from rock to hip-hop, and even traditional fado.

Bars and nightclubs in Lisbon to go out at night

When the sun sets, the city doesn’t lose its vitality — quite the opposite! Between 10 pm and midnight, the numerous bars and countless nightclubs in Lisbon open their doors to nightlife and bohemian entertainment, bringing another light to the city.

The Bairro Alto, Cais do Sodré, Doca de Santo Amaro, and Bairro de Santos, for example, are unmissable spots in Lisbon’s nightlife. In fact, many of the best places for nightlife are surrounded by stunning scenery, often marked by the imposing presence of the Tagus River.

Get to know, then, some of the bars and nightclubs in Lisbon that you can’t forget on your itinerary when visiting the capital.

Lux Frágil

© Lux Frágil

Certainly, we could not explore the nightclubs in Lisbon without mentioning this internationally renowned venue. Inaugurated in 1998, next to Santa Apolónia Station, it has the capacity to host around 1,500 people.

In its facilities — which include a bar, nightclub, and a terrace with a privileged view over the river — you will find spaces with diverse sounds and atmospheres. Therefore, Lux attracts a very eclectic audience, opening the dance floor to the intersection of cultures and nationalities. In 2014, The Guardian newspaper considered it one of the 25 best nightclubs in Europe.

Av. Infante D. Henrique – Cais da Pedra, Armazém A, 1950-376 Lisboa

Musicbox Lisboa

© Musicbox Lisboa

It´s undoubtedly one of the epicenters of Lisbon’s music scene. This iconic nightclub was born in 2006, and since then, it has hosted not only numerous new talents but also renowned names from the Portuguese and international artistic panorama.

The Musicbox’s programming is characterized by wide diversity. In this venue, located in the emblematic pink street of Cais do Sodré, you can dance until dawn to the beats of afro house to indie rock.

Rua Nova do Carvalho, 24 – 1200-019 Lisboa

Lisboa Rio

© Lisboa Rio Club

Among the nightclubs in Lisbon, this one, located in Cais do Sodré, stands out for combining a festive spirit with a refined gastronomic experience.

In addition to a restaurant with a view of the Tagus River, it boasts two dance floors where you can enjoy music genres such as funk, reggaeton, or house, for example.

Cais Gás, 7 – 1200-109 Lisboa


© Trumps (Foto Marta Ribeiro)

An indisputable reference among gay nightclubs in Lisbon, Trumps opened in 1980 and still remains one of the top choices for the Portuguese LGBT+ community.

Its atmosphere is characterized by freedom and irreverence, while also being “straight-friendly.”

Known for its house and pop music parties, this nightclub in Lisbon is located in one of the most cosmopolitan neighborhoods: Príncipe Real.

Rua da Imprensa Nacional, 104B – 1250-127 Lisboa

K Urban Beach

Urban Beach (© K Urban Beach)

With a distinctly youthful atmosphere, this nightclub is located at Cais da Viscondessa, near Santos.

With the Tagus River at its feet, K Urban Beach has three dance floors where you can dance to the biggest pop or reggaeton hits, for example.

This nightclub in Lisbon has become particularly popular among students, not only from Portugal but also from the Erasmus+ Program.

Cais da Viscondessa – 1200-109 Lisboa

Lust in Rio

Lust in Rio (© Lust in Rio)

Can you imagine dancing outdoors while feeling the night breeze from the Tagus River?

You can have this unique experience at this nightclub in Lisbon, near Cais do Sodré Station.

In addition to its iconic terrace, it also includes an indoor space. Lust in Rio stands out for its pleasant atmosphere, featuring urban, commercial, and electronic music.

Rua da Cintura do Porto de Lisboa – 1200-109 Lisboa


Incógnito (© Incógnito)

Open since 1988, in the vicinity of Bairro Alto, this nightclub in Lisbon focuses on more alternative but always danceable music genres.

Its dance floor, known for its sparkling disco balls, welcomes indie dance, synth-pop, house, and other rhythms.

Rua Poiais de São Bento, 37 – 1200-356 Lisboa


Plateau (© Plateau)

In the alleys of Santos, emerges Plateau, one of the most emblematic nightclubs in Lisbon, acclaimed by many.

After all, it has been open since 1983, showcasing the biggest hits of rock, pop, and disco from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s.

Escadinhas da Praia 7 – 1200-769 Lisboa

More options to enjoy Lisbon’s nightlife

The nightlife of the Portuguese capital undoubtedly offers a multitude of possibilities, ideal for various programs.
Besides the many nightclubs in Lisbon, where you can dance until the early hours, there are other spaces worth visiting, namely:

Fado houses

Fado Houses

The DNA of the city is undoubtedly closely connected to these unique venues. Visiting a fado house is, therefore, an unforgettable experience. Among the most popular alternatives to listen closely to the Portuguese “National Anthem – A Portuguesa” (Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity), we highlight, for example: O Faia, Sr. Vinho, Tasca do Chico, A Severa, or Clube de Fado.


Jazz - Hot Clube de Portugal

Multiple places in Lisbon allow you to enjoy the mastery of jazz musicians throughout the night.

For this, you can check the program of the historic Hot Clube de Portugal or bars like Titanic Sur Mer, Páginas Tantas, or O Bom, O Mau e O Vilão.


Rooftops - Clube Ferroviario

Warm nights invite socializing with friends outdoors, preferably with a magnificent view of the city.

In this regard, the offer is also vast: Park, Carmo Rooftop, TOPO Martim Moniz, Ferroviário, and Le Chat are just some of the options.

Village Underground

Village Underground

This project, born in London, landed in the area of Alcântara in 2014. Since then, it has become a fundamental platform for art, creativity, and culture.

This complex, with a structure consisting of two buses and 14 shipping containers, hosts events ranging from music, theater, cinema to dance.

Apartments near the best nightclubs in Lisbon

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Bairro Alto Apartments

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Their fully restored historical building provides all the necessary amenities for a refreshing, elegant, and independent stay.

Bairro Alto Apartments

Santos Apartments

Santos Apartments

Santos has gradually become one of the liveliest and most dynamic neighborhoods in the Portuguese capital.

However, our building, situated in a traditional residential area, is prepared to ensure a relaxing stay with the best conditions for the well-being of Lisbon Serviced Apartments’ guests.

Santos Apartments

Príncipe Real Apartments

Príncipe Real Apartments

The renowned Príncipe Real neighborhood, known for its charm and elegance, hosts some of the most charismatic nightclubs in Lisbon.

Our modern apartments offer an immersive experience in one of the trendiest areas of the city.

Príncipe Real Apartments

These are just a few of the excellent locations we offer in the Portuguese capital.
Explore more apartments from Lisbon Serviced Apartments.
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