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Staying in Lisbon: choose apartments with history

Looking for accommodation in Lisbon that offers you a journey into the past? Discover the charm of our historic buildings!

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By LSA Editor | Oct 18, 2021

Accommodation in Lisbon: Choosing Apartments with History

There are buildings that are authentic pages from history. As time passes, they become icons from other eras. They provide glimpses into the art and stories from the past. Lisbon Serviced Apartments is proud to offer its customers the experience of staying in one of these memory-rich buildings. So, if you’re looking for accommodation in Lisbon that offers you a journey back in time with the requisite sophistication and elegance, we have some must-see suggestions for you.

Stays that Linger in Your Memory

Staying in an apartment in the historic centre of Lisbon with its beautiful surroundings is a unique experience. If we add to that the possibility of staying in one of the buildings that are part of the city’s heritage, we’re talking about an unparalleled and unforgettable experience.

And this is the idea behind some of our holiday apartments in Lisbon.
Let’s get to know them!

Palácio Camões Apartments

Palácio Camões Apartments

Have you ever imagined spending a few days in a National Monument located in the heart of Lisbon? At Palácio Camões apartments, you can enjoy this one-of-a-kind stay. Located in the city’s golden triangle, where Chiado, Bairro Alto and Santa Catarina converge, these apartments were renovated in 2012 to provide you with all mod-cons, despite being hundreds of years old.

This majestic mansion was built in the second half of the 18th century on the ruins of a 16th-century building that was destroyed in the 1755 earthquake. A short time later, it was inhabited by the Marquês de Pombal himself, who led the process of planning and rebuilding the city after the earthquake. However, other key figures in the history of Portugal resided here such as Sidónio Pais, a former president.

This iconic building, still known today for its 18th-century tile panels, has not gone unnoticed in Portuguese literature. Eça de Queirós, one of the most important national writers, made this palace even more famous when he dedicated a passage to it in his book O Mandarim: “I bought and lived in the yellow palace at Loreto: the magnificence of my residence is well known in the indiscreet engravings of the French Illustration”.

With a breathtaking view of the historic centre and the Tagus River as a backdrop, this Lisbon accommodation has everything you need for a memorable and unique visit. Don’t miss it!

Palácio Camões Apartments

Ascensor da Bica Apartments

Ascensor da Bica Apartments

Among the range of options provided by Lisbon Serviced Apartments to book accommodation in the historic centre, there is another building classified as a National Monument. A real treasure, and one that’s well known. We’re talking about the emblematic building that’s home to the Bica Funicular.

This funicular (cable railway), which runs almost 300 metres through the Bica neighbourhood, has become one of the city’s most picturesque symbols. Designed by engineer Raoul Mesnier du Ponsard, it was inaugurated in 1892 to connect Rua de São Paulo to Largo do Calhariz, which are separated by one of the steepest slopes in the city. Today, it is certainly one of the most photographed tourist attractions, coupled with the beauty of the Tagus River in the backdrop.

The Bica Funicular apartments are located in an 18th century building which serves as the terminus station. It’s been fully refurbished to provide you with a luxurious stay in a magical movie-style setting.

This accommodation in Lisbon is certainly one of the most special in the world. Come visit.

Ascensor da Bica Apartments

Madalena Apartments

Madalena Apartments

The building in which the Madalena apartments are located is also a treasured page of history. Built after the great earthquake of 1755, it fits perfectly into the charismatic architecture of the Baixa Pombalina.

Even today, this building preserves its stunning, carefully crafted barrel vaults supported by stone masonry walls, arches and pillars. What’s more, the renovation work that was carried out here sought to restore the windows and doors with limestone masonry, painted wooden frames and plain glass.

A two-minute walk from Terreiro do Paço, one of the most important and imposing plazas in Europe, these noble apartments leave you a stone’s throw from the city’s historic attractions.

This accommodation in Lisbon lets you fully experience the elegance and liveliness of the historic heart of the city.

Madalena Apartments

Baixa Castelo Apartments

Baixa Castelo Apartments

Among the accommodation options offered by Lisbon Apartments, there is also another building that preserves the distinctive traits of the Marquês de Pombal era. Proof of this are the magnificent tiles that embellish its façade, originating in the 18th century.

The Baixa Chiado apartments also have a ground floor built in stone, which immediately transports you to another time. With an intimate and charming atmosphere, these accommodations are just a few minutes’ walk from unmissable sights full of history, such as the Lisbon Cathedral, São Jorge Castle or Chiado.

Experience the comfort of feeling at home in the historic centre of Lisbon. Come travel back in time with Lisbon Serviced Apartments!

Baixa Castelo apartments


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