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Why rent an apartment in Lisbon (instead of a hotel)

Are you planning to visit Lisbon? When you’re shopping around, take a closer look at the advantages of renting an apartment in Lisbon

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By LSA Editor | Aug 24, 2021

Renting an apartment in Lisbon vs. staying in a hotel

Are you going to visit Lisbon? Are you travelling alone, as a family or with friends? Are you going for a holiday, work or study? In any case, there’s an ideal solution: rent an apartment in Lisbon with services included. Here, you can combine the privacy and comfort of an apartment with the services you usually only find in hotels.

Advantages of renting an apartment in Lisbon

From the most economical advantages to the range of services, including the location, there are several reasons to rent an apartment in Lisbon.

Less expensive solution

Less expensive solution

Most hotels will charge one stay per person. So, all things considered, if you’re travelling as a family or with a group of friends, holiday apartments in Lisbon will be cheaper from the get-go. Even if you travel alone, for less money you have the advantage of more space and therefore more scope to get to know and enjoy the city. At the same time, you have the possibility of cooking your own meals whenever you want, therefore saving on restaurant bills.

Greater privacy

Greater privacy

By choosing tourist apartments in Lisbon, you’ll have absolute privacy whether you’re coming or going, while your safety is guaranteed. Choose apartments with services including electronic keys and a 24-hour virtual reception. This allows you to have absolute privacy, but also guarantees that someone will be ready to help when needed, using the help-desk services.

Location and city experience

Location and city experience

When you spend a few days living in a holiday apartment in Lisbon, it’s like being one of its inhabitants. You can choose the neighbourhood where you want to stay and enjoy the city’s spaces as if you were a local. What’s more, it’ll be easier to meet people and take a more immersive and genuine travel experience home with you. On the contrary, hotels in Lisbon are concentrated in the busiest streets and areas.

More space

More space

Especially where longer stays are concerned, it’s very important to have space. As such, spending several weeks confined to a hotel room can become claustrophobic. In an apartment, you have the flexibility to choose the types that suit you, and you can have your own environments for sleeping, eating and relaxing on the sofa. In addition, there’s the benefit of being able to have guests over for a get-together.

Different types and styles

Different types and styles

Choosing a serviced apartment gives you the great advantage of being able to choose a space that suits you. From studios to places with one or more rooms, you will find fully equipped houses with elegant and functional decoration that provide every comfort imaginable, whether you’re on a holiday or on a business trip.



How many times have you wanted to make something to eat or quickly wash some clothes in a hotel? However, when staying in an apartment, you’ll have facilities such as a dishwasher, washing machine and/or dryer. You’ll also have a TV and free Wi-Fi, which are so important these days.


Possibility of cooking

Feeling at home means being able to cook and eat at the times that suit you best. Whether it’s just coffee or breakfast, you’ll always have a fully equipped kitchen available for you. This way, you can forget about queuing for restaurants or the dilemma of finding the ideal place. If shopping is an issue, serviced apartments can include food orders and even have your food shopping ready for when you arrive.

Virtual Reception & Call Center

Variety of services

Even when you don’t feel like cooking or doing your laundry, serviced apartments have the great advantage of offering a range of solutions while always maintaining your privacy. So, cleaning, laundry care, food delivery or shopping are all just a phone call away. As a rule, you’ll have a help-desk available 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

Short and Medium Stays

Flexibility for short or long stays

Due to the various types of apartments on offer, as well as being fully equipped and including a range of services, apartments for rent in Lisbon have enough flexibility to accommodate you however long you’re staying in the city.

Best way to get to know LisbonBest way to get to know Lisbon

Lisbon is one of Europe’s most iconic cities due to its light, its neighbourhoods, and its people. So what better way to experience the city than to live like one of the locals?

Bumping into and chatting with the people of Lisbon, walking the streets full of charm or history – even when you have to climb one of the city’s seven hills – everything is easier when you choose to rent an apartment in Lisbon.

If you can stay in a historical building that takes you back in time and gives you a better understanding of the spirit of the city, your trip will be even more unforgettable.

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