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4 Pieces of Urban Art in Lisbon You Must Discover

The vibrant urban art scene in Lisbon — increasingly famous internationally

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By LSA Editor | Nov 24, 2023
Boasting a luminous and unforgettable atmosphere, the Portuguese capital reveals itself today as an attractive cultural hub in Europe.

Not only for its vibrant history or renowned museums, but also for the unmistakable beauty of its streets. Contributing significantly to this is the vibrant urban art scene in Lisbon — increasingly famous internationally.

It’s worth noting that according to Radical Storage’s ranking, “Europe’s Best Cities & Neighbourhoods for Street Art,” Lisbon ranks in the top 4 best European cities to appreciate urban art. In this regard, we suggest an itinerary featuring four pieces of street art in Lisbon that you absolutely cannot miss discovering.

Discovering one of the world’s capitals of urban art

“Lisbon has an increasingly recognized urban art culture“, argues Paula Oliveira, the executive director of Tourism in Lisbon. The city’s election as one of the best destinations in Europe in this field results from “the work that has been done by excellent artists dedicated to this art, bringing new life to Lisbon“.

The truth is that among the main works of urban art in Lisbon, there is a varied and acclaimed range of national and international artists.
Believe it or not, it’s like an authentic “open-air gallery”!

So, discover four iconic pieces to include in your urban art itinerary in Lisbon during your visit to this dynamic European capital.

“Calçada”, by Vhils

Calçada, by Vhils 2015 (© Google)

This project celebrates both the traditional Portuguese cobblestone pavement (“calçada”) and Fado — a musical genre intertwined with the national identity, recognized as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

Signed by Alexandre Farto, known as Vhils, a renowned Portuguese artist with works spread worldwide, this piece recreates the face of Amália Rodrigues, the great Fado diva.

To appreciate this emblematic point of urban art in Lisbon, you can take tram number 12 and get off at the São Tomé street stop.

Additionally, you can stay in this historic area with the excellence of Lisbon Serviced Apartments. Get to know, for example, the Mouraria Apartments.

Rua dos Cegos, 42 (Alfama) – Lisboa

“Tile Mural”, by André Saraiva

Tile Mural, by André Saraiva (© Google)

In the space of Feira da Ladra — Lisbon’s most emblematic flea market originating from the 13th century — you’ll find this monumental panel made of hand-painted tiles. Spanning 188 meters, this urban artwork in Lisbon consists of 52,738 tiles, representing a traditional decorative and architectural element with around 500 years of history in Portugal.

Set against the backdrop of the Tagus River, the mural vividly reinterprets some of the city’s landmarks: São Jorge Castle, the Monument to the Discoveries, the 25th of April Bridge, or the Santa Justa Lift, for instance.

If you wish to stay just a few meters from this location, explore the Castelo S. Jorge Apartments by Lisbon Serviced Apartments.

Garden Botto Machado (Campo de Santa Clara) – Lisboa

“Trash Fox”, by Bordalo II

Trash Fox, by Bordalo II (© CML)

A significant part of the work by Lisbon-based artist Bordalo II uses a wide array of waste as its raw material: bicycle tires, cans, trash bins, car dashboards, metals, or old computers, for example. The sculpture “Trash Fox”, near Mercado da Ribeira, is one of the city’s best examples of this artistic feat.

It’s undoubtedly a critique of excessive consumption and waste, highlighting the increasing number of extinct animal species. In the name of the planet, Bordalo II brings to urban art in Lisbon the motto “reduce, reuse, and recycle.”

To immerse yourself in the cosmopolitan spirit of this area in the Portuguese capital, known for its lively nightlife, explore the Santos Apartments.

Avenida 24 de Julho, 28 – Lisboa

“The Language of Flowers”, by Jacqueline de Montaigne

The Language of Flowers, de Jacqueline de Montaigne (© Google)

According to the Best Street Art Awards 2022 ranking, one of the world’s top 100 pieces of urban art is located in Lisbon. We’re talking about this work by the Anglo-Portuguese artist Jacqueline de Montaigne. It’s an imposing mural standing 14 meters tall, using flowers symbolically to communicate a message.

Among the meanings expressed in this urban artwork in Lisbon, we can highlight, for example: Dahlia — commitment; Rose — love; Camellias — longing; Ivy — fidelity; Honeysuckle — devotion.

About a 20-minute walk from this mural, you’ll find the Estrela Apartments by Lisbon Serviced Apartments. If you aim to stay in one of the city’s most charming neighborhoods, this is an excellent option to consider.

Rua de São Bento, 642 – Lisboa

Other points to include in your urban art itinerary in Lisbon

Some of the main international urban art artists have found walls in Lisbon as canvases for their works. Thus, the city now boasts a vast array of places of interest for any urban art enthusiast.
We list here a few points to consider when crafting your urban art guide in Lisbon:

Lx Factory

Lx Factory (© Marina Poliukhovich at Unsplash)

The walls of this alternative commercial and cultural space exhibit various street art works, particularly emphasizing graffiti.

Take the opportunity to explore the art scattered around the Alcântara area.

Street Art Park

Street Art Park (© Google)

Spanning an area of 4,300 m², this is Portugal’s first park dedicated to graffiti and urban art.

Located in Lumiar, it features 14 walls for free painting.


Marvila Street Art (© Google)

In recent years, the walls of buildings in Marvila have seen new life through vibrant colors of urban art.

This parish now hosts dozens of large-scale works, becoming one of the essential spots for urban art in Lisbon.

If you’re seeking the best option for staying in this unforgettable European capital, with maximum comfort and autonomy, Lisbon Serviced Apartments certainly have the ideal apartment for you, with options tailored to your needs.
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